Want to live an intentional story during your sojourn on Earth by following God's call?

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Following your calling is not in the distant future

It is not 'someday when'. Instead, it's to be lived out in your everyday moments.

Whether you’re looking for the confidence to create what you dream, the strength to leave a place (or someone) you know you've outgrown, or the boldness to live the kind of fruitful life you deeply desire,

without the stress of figuring out alone how to grow your brand or business,

without worrying how others perceive you or if your family will reject you,

without the overwhelm of wearing many hats & skipping sleep,

You've come to the right place. I'm here for you!



Embark on a self-paced journey with a beautiful workbook & accompanying audio notes. Clarify your vision for the year with this retreat. You decide when to begin. No travel required - enjoy in the comfort of home or anywhere you like. This is an affordable yet powerful offer for creators ready to shine their light.


flagship implementation experience

High level, personalised attention in an intimate group setting online that gets you moving with clear confidence, being a bold vessel to fulfill your God-given mission and taking focused action towards your goals in an intentional way. Less doubting, more deliberate action-taking. This is for faith-based creators ready to ARISE.

The Escape Plan

voxer coaching EUR 225

One day dedicated to your escape plan. Stuck in a job you've outgrown? Want to find your passion? Tired tolerating pressure? Whatever you're done with and ready to leave behind to walk into the most magnificent chapter of your life story, Beatrice gets you to take ownership of your life in Spirit-led, strategic steps.

Bonjour, I'm Beatrice Mangar

As a nomadic writer, mentor and coach, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to design a life of beauty, joy, and freedom.

I remember working a full-time job while growing my dream creative project on the side, underpaid for the hours I poured in, had little energy left for maintaining relationships, and lost my sparkle even though I smiled. I often felt unappreciated, tired from giving so much of myself with little to show for it, and craving a beautiful life where I'm truly free.

That’s when I decided to reject society’s expectations of how I should live. I took ownership of my life, redefined what living means through a biblical perspective, and went all in.

Today I’m living my calling everyday,  slow travelling the world, infusing beauty with my slow rituals, taking pleasure in being who God created me to be, and elevating my life in such a way that every moment feels exquisitely miraculous and worthy of praise.

Oui, even during a global pandemic.

Now I’m here to guide you on your journey so you can live a life of beauty, harmony, and freedom.

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