Want to write an intentional story during your sojourn on Earth using your God-given gifts?

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Following your calling is not in some distant future

It is found in your everyday moments.

Whether you’re looking for the confidence to live life on your own terms without fear of what others think so you can share your story to help others, or craving to take action and elevate your life by being able to take action (the slow productivity way), or wish you had more pleasure and fulfillment in how you approach life and business,

You've come to the right place.

Brand Yourself Authentic


Self-paced courses & retreats to create authentic content to attract the right clients or opportunities so you can life a beautiful life. One that grants you freedom and where you learn the slow living way in life and business.

Social with heart


One day - you & me coworking via voice notes and text messages via Voxer. Bye bye Zoom fatigue, hello slow productivity, clarity, focus, discipline and an expert who has your back! Pick my brain on anything and let's get you blooming.

1 Coaching

1:1 coaching

Over 3 months, we work together to uplevel in your life or business. I will teach you how to embrace who you are confidently with practical steps, action plan and the mindset  to cultivate for a beautiful life of freedom and harmony.

Bonjour, I'm Beatrice Mangar

As a nomadic CEO, mentor and coach, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to design a life of beauty, joy, and freedom.

I remember when I was working a full-time job while growing my dream creative project on the side, underpaid for the hours and energy I put in, had little energy left for socialising with my friends, and in a relationship that was stagnant, with no spark in my eyes even though I smiled. I used to feel unappreciated at work, tired from giving so much of myself with little to show for it, and craving a beautiful life where I’m free to be me and my life is in harmony with my values and beliefs. #intentional

That’s when I decided to reject society’s expectations of what a 30-something woman like me should be, redefine what living means to me, and follow my calling.

Today I’m living my ideal day everyday, infusing beauty with my slow rituals, taking pleasure in being who I truly am, and elevating my life in such a way that every moment feels exquisitely spectacular and worthy of celebration.

Oui, even during a global pandemic.

Now I’m here to help you do the same in your life so you too can live a life of beauty, harmony, and freedom.

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