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I'm Bea Nomadic CEO with no home base (only an e-residency - does that count?). I help purpose-driven creative entrepreneurs build a freedom business and establish a magnetic personal brand online.

As a Personal Brand Architect & Biz Coach, I’ve learned a thing or two about building a purposeful business that gives you the freedom to be on the beach on a Wednesday morning, donate towards that charity building schools in Kenya, and infuse more good in the world from the work you do by simply being true to you.

It's possible with innovative ways (creativity is my best friend) and forward-thinking strategy infused in your personal brand.

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Building a personal brand is not as complicated as it sounds.

It’s not about changing who you are or trying so darn hard to be like everyone else out there, or striving for others’ definition of business owner success or happiness. It's bigger than you!

Whether you’re looking to making a real difference to the world we live in (I’m talking bigger than swapping to a bamboo toothbrush or solid shampoo),

Or you’re craving for more freedom - the kind that lets you book a stay at a boutique hotel or an Instagrammable farm stay,

Or you wish you could do work that absolutely lights you up, energizes you (so you could keep drinking peppermint tea instead of a caffeine fix) and feel fire in your belly to create what you love,

You’ve come to the right place.

There are no coincidences in life. It’s no accident you’re here.

I prayed for you. Long before you read this, long before your finger scrolled all the way down to here, God and I had a chat about you.

The work I do is more than ‘just a job’. It’s a craft. An art. A passion. But above all, it’s a calling. And I believe you, dear heart-centered creative, feel the same way.

You want to do what you do because deep down, you know it’s bigger than yourself. You don't want to be making money for the sake of it but for impact in people's lives.

So if any of my words resonate, my dear, lean in. It’s time to be bold enough to step fully into your calling.

In my journey serving other high-achievers, dreamers & doers, and highly sensitive and creative entrepreneurs, I’ve seen how when we truly own who we are (aka establishing an iconic personal brand), it’s possible to get anything you desire in life.

I know it because I live out everything I once dreamed of.

Note - it wasn't because of my academic performance (school drop-out at 16 due to mental health struggles), and certainly not because my parents funded my lifestyle.

I didn’t get handed anything, and most of my life I struggled with feeling different to others around me. Whether it was in school, or with my friends, or relatives, I found it hard to fit in a specific ‘type’ or ‘category.

But I had passion the size of the Pacific Ocean, faith as big as a mustard seed, and willingness to say YES to truly live my story here on Earth.

So when everyone around me settled down, I quit my job, kissed my boyfriend goodbye, and moved abroad to pursue my wildest dreams.

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I lived abroad in several countries for over 19 years and my jobs ranged from guest relations, event & conference planning, sales and marketing, wedding planning, copywriting, tutoring French, to digital marketing.

In all of my different jobs, I felt called to continue to serve by weaving words of encouragement, helping others to find what's precious about them. The more I focused on others, the more I realized that if we could all be true to who we are, we would have such incredible gifts to share with one another.

Because of my love for people becoming the best version of themselves and living with joy, I went from shy, introverted Bea to super-social and hey-I-have-a-blog-come-follow-me Bea.

I showed up online as my authentic self, sharing personal stories from my heart (because #purpose). And soon enough, opportunities came flooding in.

I trailblazed my own way (as much as my petite stature allowed), owning and sharing my story for the world to see. I know that to answer my calling requires me to ditch my fears and feed my faith.

I was able to:

  • Have a blog and grow it to a community of 16,000 loyal global readers
  • Get brand sponsorships internationally
  • Get featured in media (online and print), and radio.
  • Get jobs without ever sending my CV or resume
  • Get paid for doing what I love and find fun

You can get this and more - no matter what opportunities you want. It all starts with you - what's your identity rooted in? Let's define your personal brand.

To this day, I’m still a nomad, travelling full-time (now with my spouse whom I met at a coworking place). My locations change every month or so, and allows me to learn from local cultures of wherever I happen to choose an AirBnb apartment as my dwelling.

Today, I’m an e-resident of Estonia, (with no fixed home to return to) and am the CEO behind Bea Mangar International with a remote team.

True to its name, the clients I serve are from all over the world. From New York to Reunion Island, I coach and mentor high-achievers and visionary entrepreneurs to build their personal brands so that they can do business with more empathy.

It is well documented that empathy is directly linked to companies being more profitable and growing faster as a result. I also use cutting-edge thinking in my strategy and innovation with my own business as well as with my work with clients. I love taking risks into adopting new technologies early, and experiment with them. My latest thing is TikTok and learning how it drives consumer behaviour.

As you see, I still continue to follow my passions, dreams, and commit to pursuing them.

Even when it goes against the grain. 

Business can be simple, soulful, and be used for the greater good of the community. If you feel the same way too, then it’s time to step out of hiding behind a company name or a job or career, and embrace who you are and share your humanity with others through your personal brand.

Here's how to get started: