7 Reasons You Need An Authentic Personal Brand

Whether you’re looking to get hired, work for yourself, or take your business to the next level, you can achieve this much easier through your personal brand. In this article, I invite you to discover the reasons why you need a compelling one.

1. You shy away from self-promotion

Do you find yourself cringing at the thought of having to self-promote? If thinking this is enough to make your stomach churn, then you, my dear, need an authentic personal brand.

When your brand is a true reflection and representation of who you truly are, then this seems less ‘promotion’ and more connection. You have a personal brand to connect with more people and serve at the same time.

2. You need to re-invent yourself

There are many reasons that may push you to re-invent yourself.

Maybe you got laid off during the lockdown of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Or you realised after working from home, that you indeed want to start your own business so you can spend more time with your family. Yep, no more asking for annual leave, or waiting for that holiday – you make your own schedule.

When you have an authentic personal brand, there’s no need to create everything from scratch – you are the face of your brand and you can leverage that to get anything you want. New job, new life in a foreign country, new date – the sky’s the limit!

3. You don’t want to manipulate people from your personal brand

OK, I think nobody really sets out to manipulate people but there are times when some people might resort to modifying themselves a bit. This happens often in marketing. Or sales.

Some people might pretend they like you, or that they’re into museums just to win your trust or admiration.

And you’re not like that. You don’t want to have to pretend to be someone you’re not. You want to show up real – what you see is what you get.

Enter your authentic personal brand.

4. You have gifts to share to the world

Your superpower.

Your inner treasures.

They deserve to be shared, and you want to use them to bear good fruits in life. You genuinely want to help other people.

If your brand reveals who you are, others will see how valuable your expertise, skills, and entire being can help transform their lives.

5. You want to use your influence for good

You care about impact.

It’s not enough to be recognised and respected for your work, you want it to impact the world in a positive manner.

Whether it’s to be a catalyst for social change, or drive a movement, your authentic personal brand is what can help you accomplish more from your influence.

6. You are passionate about a lot of things

Visionary. Buzzing with ideas. Yes, that’s you.

All the freaking time!

And in order to make others get what you’re about, an authentic personal brand will help you condense all that you are.

Even when you evolve as a human being, or suddenly add a newfound interest (or obsession) to your long List of Things I’m Passionate About.

Your personal brand will evolve with you.

7. You want to be paid for being who you are.

You do not want to have to fit into a box, or what’s trendy or acceptable. Does this sound like you? Yes, you want to be you. The real you. You don’t want to ‘fabricate’ a persona around the work you do.

With an authentic personal brand, you can share about what you do in a way that reflects your personality, your passions, and what you want to become.

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