Summer rhythms to savour

Summer for many is pure joy.

Longer days to sun in the garden, lingering lunches al fresco, and golden hour. Yet, for others this season can also be too hot to handle. (I find myself in the latter group). That’s where rhythms come in. Having rhythms that are appropriate for the summer season enables you to appreciate these longer, warmer days more.

outdoor shower during summer

Slow mornings – wake up early

In summer, make the most of the days by waking up early. How early exactly is up to you.

I generally like to wake up before 9 a.m in summer so it gives me plenty of time to have breakfast (outside mostly), journal and have my quiet time with my Creator. Slow summer mornings are like delicate gifts that keep on giving and filling you with joy. As the day unfolds, because it begun relaxed, you’re more likely to bask in how wonderful it is.

You may find that your threshold to deal with difficult people or the summer heat increases. So will your ability to rise above anything that might threaten to steal away the peace you feel. In other words, you will hold yourself to higher standards – an attitude of poise and strength.

Without my slow mornings in the summer, I could easily get irritated by trivial things. However, when I start my mornings slowly, it puts everything into perspective. The result? A woman who is determined to have the best day ever. On repeat. All through the summer season.

Lazy summer lunches al fresco

If you’re working from home this summer and have a balcony or yard, why not set up lunch outside? Don’t worry if you don’t have the best view or the most idyllic setting. All it takes is some imagination, a grateful heart and styling for a summer lunch al fresco.

Get your favourite chair, a beautiful summer linen tablecloth, or set up on a picnic blanket. Gather some flowers, light a citronella candle to keep the pesky flies at bay (and off your food!). Then, feast on delicious fresh vibrant foods that summer is abundant with. Cantaloupes, lemon, watermelon, mango, lettuce, mesclun, fresh fish and a glass of Rosé.

summer love

Siesta – have a nap mid-workday

Perhaps my most favourite activity in summer! I love naps. And summer is a good season to enjoy one midday. As the days tend to be longer, you want to stay up later in the evening. So, taking a nap post-lunch will help you keep up with all the summer socials and balmy evenings you’ll be basking in.

In one of my previous nomad nests, I had a bespoke daybed. It was in a chaise longue style, and I’d usually read before dozing off to a light wander after lathering myself with scents such as coconut oil or vanilla body lotion. It felt as luxurious as going on a summer vacation on the Amalfi coast.

Sundowners – socialise with friends

fiery sunsets that make summer glow

Summer is all about abundance and expansion. Expanding your social circle, growing your network, and multiplying opportunities for dates (if single and looking 😉). Delight in this season by scheduling sundowners with friends or people you want to know better.

Romance is often associated with summer and it’s no wonder why. There’s nothing more romantic than watching sunsets. It’s like a lift to the heart and the spirit. To be clear, I don’t mean romance as love attraction between two people, but romance can be falling in love with life.

So go ahead – let yourself fall deeply in love this summer. In love with your home, your family, yourself, your country, your job, and let this love awaken dormant passions within you. You might find yourself thinking about a hobby you’ve forgotten about, or it may rekindle your love for gardening or for adventure.

Evening summer walks to decompress

To continue with the romantic summer theme, I love nocturnal walks. I’ve been taking pleasure in heading out after dinner. Sometimes, it’s around my house, other times, it’s along the beach if we’re dining out by the ocean. But each time I enjoy an evening walk, it soothes me deeply. It also supports your body and hormones and makes you sleep better. Just remember to be safe at night of course. There’s no need to take unnecessary risks. Make sure you go with people you trust, or if you’re on your own that you know the surroundings well.

Nourish the heart energy

In Chinese medicine, it’s all about harmony. I can be on board with that as I love harmony in my life. It’s also a beautiful way to live – in harmony with our natural world and its cyclical ways. According to Chinese medicine, summer is the season associated with the heart and the stomach/ spleen (the small intestine).

It’s encouraged to allow yourself to feel more joy, passion, and use the extra energy you have in summer. You can do this by spending time with those you love, sunning outdoors, and having time for hobbies. Check in with yourself – how are you growing? Is where you are currently feeling congruent with your top values? Or are there changes you need to be making?

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