Hi, I'm Beatrice Mangar,

but you can call me Bea.

Pleased to welcome you here where you’ll find resources on living a poised and beautiful life, aligned with your calling.

I am a nomadic CEO who prefers a slow approach for running my business (less hustle, no headaches). INFJ, HSP, Enneagram 3w4 - I mean, so many facets that I don’t fit in a box. I have a calm nature that turns into the life of the party if Zaz or latin music is playing. I often (always) go against the norms imposed by society or the status quo by carving my own path in life and making my own rules, while being deeply-rooted in obedience to God. I love being around people, even if I sometimes avoid them because #introvertproblems.

Today, I run a location-independent business with global clients I absolutely love and enjoy a life infused with beauty and freedom.

Like any success story though, it wasn’t always that way.

The former chapters of my life were filled with busy, pushing myself, hustling, job-hopping, and as a result, my health as well as my relationships suffered. Additionally, my income then fluctuated and I often found myself in the feast or famine mode. Life was hard and often, what I felt a burning desire to do was tugging at my heart, and yet I wasn’t doing it.

I felt pressure, constant fear and anxiety, until I surrendered to what God whispered to me on one of those cry-on-the-bathroom-floor moments: “return to your roots, Bea”.

I said goodbye to my 15-years of life abroad, and booked a plane ticket back to motherland Mauritius Surely, that’s what God meant by my returning to my roots.

But I was wrong…

Beyond this, I needed to go deeper - face my darkest fears, allow room for healing, and also reconnect with who I truly am.

In other words...

Follow my calling.

I decided to go for it. I found her, the real true Beatrice, ready to fight for freedom and equipped to rise.

Apple - Bea Mangar

Art de vivre...slowly

Some of my petite joys include:

Chocolat. Tea. Good books in bed. Watercolour painting. Jane Austen novels. Modern calligraphy. Foraging for leaves and twigs. Instagram Stories. My cat Leia. Sunset. Banana bread fresh from the oven. My husband’s cooking. Rain while I’m indoors. Beautiful dresses. Walks on the beach. Opening a handwritten letter from a friend. Dancing in the kitchen. Picnics.

Beatrice Mangar worked for 18 years in the world of luxury hospitality, tourism and publishing. Combining her previous corporate experience in client relations, digital marketing, communications, and her own journey into the art of living slow, Beatrice is well positioned to teach purpose-driven women to align with their identity and follow their calling.

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