Hi, I'm Beatrice Mangar,

best known simply as Bea.

Welcome to my virtual home where you'll find resources that will hopefully encourage and equip you to boldly follow your calling.

I'm a Mauritian nomadic writer, mentor & coach for creators and small business owners. My experience and expertise is in personal branding, intentional visibility on social media, life pillars management, and slow productivity. I'm also #ActuallyAutistic, INFJ, HSP, Enneagram 3w4 - if this makes sense to you.

Today, I run a location-independent business with global clients I absolutely love and enjoy a life infused with beauty and freedom. Whenever I find a nomad nest for some months, I relish the foreign culture and culinary pleasures which inspire my literary soul.

Like any success story though, it wasn’t always that way.

There was a time in the former chapters of my life where everything I did felt like an uphill battle. I was constantly overexerting myself, hustling, and pleasing people to the point l I resented them and myself. As a result, my health took a huge blow. Additionally, my income wasn't stable and I often found myself in the feast or famine mode. Even worse, I felt terrible for not pursuing fully what I knew in my heart I was purposefully placed on this planet to create.

I  was under a lot of pressure, fear and debilitating anxiety, until I had a revelation on one of my cry-on-the-bathroom-floor moments. It was about returning to my roots.

I thought it meant going back to my passport country. But in reality, I needed to go farther and deeper - face my darkest fears, to heal, and to grow in confidence. It was about being deeply-rooted in the truth of my identity, and understanding how to operate as a daughter of the King.

In other words...

Follow my calling.

In my teens, God asked me to leave everything and follow Him. The truth is God is always knocking - this requires a response from us. It's an invitation to co-create with Him.

And my invitation to you is to let me be your guide on your journey.

Apple - Bea Mangar

Art de vivre...slowly

Some of my petite joys include:

Dark chocolate truffles. Herbal tea. Good books in bed. Watercolour painting. Jane Austen novels. Modern calligraphy. Foraging for leaves and twigs. Instagram Stories. Cats. Sunset. My husband’s cooking. Rain while I’m indoors. Beautiful dresses. Walking barefoot on the beach. Handwritten letters. Dancing in the kitchen. Picnics.

Beatrice Mangar worked for 18 years in luxury hospitality, travel and tourism. Combining her international corporate experience in client relations, content marketing, communications, and her own journey into slow productivity & intentional visibility, Beatrice is well positioned to equip faith-based creators with clarity and confidence to be light in the world. She mentors you for both your professional and personal life.

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