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Why I’m quitting social media

It’s 4 p.m. – also l’heure du goûter (afternoon tea time). I’m not on social media. I’m eating a delicious mango and a big slice of steaming hot chocolate banana cake, lounging in my hotel bathrobe. Side note: if you’re salivating after reading about cake, I share my gluten free vegan recipe here. You might…

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Why I quit LinkedIn

Just over a year ago, I asked my community of online readers if they are active on LinkedIn. That question’s objective is clear. Are you showing up on the world’s largest professional network so everyone knows what you do and how you can help them or their business? You know, for networking, client lead generation,…

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Starting my year (again)

August 2021 📍 St. Peter Barbados August 2021 or starting the year again This month, I turned a new leaf and started my year…again. Before I share more, let me introduce you to The Box That Went Astray – a small box we shipped from England to Barbados containing my writing manuscripts & notes, pandemic…

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Work rhythms to adopt during summer

In my previous article, I shared about summer rhythms to savour. This one will focus on rhythms to adopt for high performance at work during summer. You may find it hard to be diligent at work when it’s sunny outside and there’s more socialising. Or you may struggle with being focused with the hotter climate….

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The process to become an e-resident of Estonia as a Mauritian citizen (and what it means for my digital nomad lifestyle)

On Friday 26th July 2019, I officially became an e-Resident of Estonia. I remember that day very well, as it was a sweltering day in Madrid and I was worried that I would pass out! And yet, I was so happy of this milestone for my life as a digital nomad. Here, I’m sharing all about the application process to become an e-Resident.

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7 Reasons You Need An Authentic Personal Brand

Whether you’re looking to get hired, work for yourself, or take your business to the next level, you can achieve this much easier through your personal brand. In this article, I invite you to discover the reasons why you need a compelling one. 1. You shy away from self-promotion Do you find yourself cringing at…