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My favourite people to work with know they have a calling. The clients I work with are creators - bloggers, creatives, makers and modern artisans. They are small business owners with a strong sense of helping other people.

God holds a special place in their hearts and they want to be obedient as they live by faith and surrender to His will for their lives.

As such, they understand the need to fall in love with the journey. They courageously embrace change, bashing limiting beliefs, shedding worldly ways that do not serve them to go after a deeply-rooted life. Many of them go through seasons of transitions, live abroad, or identify as sojourners or nomads wandering the wilderness of this world.

It’s my pleasure to work with such purpose-driven people.

Here's what some of my clients are saying about working with me:

Audrey - Client Love 1

My goal when I contacted Béa was to be able to be more visible on Instagram, and to build a loyal community around my brand.

Being coached by Bea allowed me, among other things, to create my "personal branding" on Instagram, but also to better communicate with my community via IG stories, videos, or more recently (during the lockdown) newsletters.

Béa also taught me how to manage my time with her technique. She quickly realized that I had to be supported at this level because as a young mother and business manager, I very often felt overwhelmed and struggled to achieve the goals I set myself for my online presence.

Coaching with Béa literally transformed me! I have gained confidence, creativity and am much more organized.

I have a clear vision of what I want to accomplish for my Instagram but more generally for my business.

Béa has a very human approach to social networks, and the close relationship that she has been able to create with her community is inspiring.
These are the reasons that convinced me to choose her as a coach. If you aspire to the same thing, please contact her!

Coaching calls with Bea are super productive times and the priceless advantage is that Bea remains available and reachable outside of sessions, which is enormous support!

Audrey, Managing Director Lady Tendance US

While I worked with Bea, she helped me see clearer where I want to be in life through advice, ideas and strategy. As a working mum, I often feel like I have no time to pursue my dreams but Bea showed me that only I can make that time, by consciously setting priorities.

Before working with Bea, I was feeling confused and discouraged, as I have so many ideas in my mind, very little time, the very common "Am I good enough?” doubt and financial restraints to take the leap into creating my own business.

I recommend working with Bea because the session with her left me energized and with a positive outlook for the year.

Anne, Founder Virtufully and maker of bespoke bridal accessories

Anne - Client Love 1
Fig - Bea Mangar Client Love

Before I started working with Bea my branding was limited to having a website and erratic updates on my business' social media pages (if at all). My challenges were:

Associating social media with a "pushy" style of sales
Not being comfortable expressing myself on social media
Struggling to articulate the practical benefits of our service to potential clients

While I worked with Bea, she helped me a) understand that gaining visibility on social media went hand in hand with being of service (sales are then a natural result, not the focus) b) build genuine relationships online and c) communicate clearly and authentically at the same time.

Bea's program starts with mindset and helped me uncover some of my internal blockers (e.g: imposter syndrome). Without this awareness, it wouldn't have been possible for me to adopt her techniques and change my behaviour. On a practical level, Bea guided me through empowering branding techniques such as writing my brand story, along with time-management and scheduling tools to make it natural, fun and easy. She also created a community that felt like a safe place where authenticity is drawn out of each of us through opportunities for interaction crafted by Bea and her team. We get to interact online with other entrepreneurs, get out of our comfort zone (e.g. getting visible with video) and learn and support each other.

As a result of my work with Bea, I am interacting on social media every single day, including posts and blogposts in a way that feels authentic, natural and fun, when it used to be a chore and take so much energy out of me. I have also identified wonderful opportunities to participate and contribute to conversations through Facebook groups and hashtags on LinkedIn, which increases my visibility as well as that of my colleagues (motivation is contagious and all three of us are engaging in social media, each with our own voice). Ultimately Bea taught me how to "show" which is a lot easier than "telling" especially as I struggle to think practically as an abstract thinker.

I recommend working with Bea if you are uncomfortable with social media (there are definitely limiting beliefs at play), care about your business and believe in its impact and want to be of more service to those around you. She will transmit her passion for authentic branding online and help you find within the confidence boost you need to start telling your story.

Coralie, co-founder at Gemstone and lover of humanity

"My main challenge was deciding did I really want to spend time on Instagram and yet also feeling the need to have a presence to share my product and doing it in a way that felt good.

Doing Bea's Instagram courses helped me get clarity on how I want to move forward with Instagram in a way that feels more easeful and authentic.

I resonated with Bea 's gentle approach and felt it would give good grounding to creating a more consistent strategy that felt aligned with my style."

Christine Ford, counsellor, hypnotherapist, and the creator of Sensual Seed Oracle Card Deck.

Christine - Client Love 1
Jenna - Client Love

I enrolled in Intentional Visibility on IG Stories because I had seen a ton of Bea's IG stories. I always felt like she knew what she was doing, and she always talked about things that were of interest to me in a natural non-salesy way. So I had a feeling that she would be a great role model to learn from. Knowing what to share is such a confidence-booster – I now focus a lot more on what I want to share than how I look or what I sound like, because I'm excited to talk about my message.

Jenna, Coach and Self Care Advocate at Slow Down Jenna

Pomegranate - Bea Manger Client Love

Before the coaching, I was the most disorganised person. My mind was chaos and I knew that I wanted to monetize my blog but didn't know how to. I was also trying to increase my Instagram following but had no strategy. While I worked with Bea, she helped me develop a strategic plan of action. As a result, I now have an organised approach and each step is helping my brand to grow. I’m more open to stepping out of my comfort zone and it is helping me to get noticed by other businesses. I have actually planned my blog content till January and it has taken a load off my shoulders as I concentrate on other aspects of my business. Moreover, I’m giving a personal identity to my blog and brand and have started working on my first (paid) e-book!

I recommend working with Bea because she's here to listen and adapt a strategy that is very specific to you. She's going to be there to guide you at every step and she's not going to let you down. She's very organised and encouraging and at the end of the day, she wants you to achieve your dreams at your pace with meaning and purpose.

Hanshini - Founder of Foodwini blog

Hanshini - Client love

I am new to the business world and also creating my online business. I must say that through each call I had with Bea, I was able to understand what I attempted to do did not work. She was quick to find solutions which are adapted not only to the online business world but also how I want my business to be and how to attract the right client. Through each call, I became more aware of the life and business I truly want and how to find balance between my personal and professional life. I definitely recommend working with Bea, she truly helps you to live the intentional and meaningful life that you dream of.

Larissa, Intentional Artist and logo artisan

Every quarter Beatrice Mangar International donates to charities and supports causes and communities dear to my heart.

By being a coaching client or enrolling in one of my courses, you become woven in the threads that create change and the impact I deeply desire to see in this world. Thank you for helping me work for the greater good.

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