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cowork with me for a whole day at a steal

What if you didn't have to figure things out on your own and could get expert guidance (no Zoom required) ?

Do you ever have moments in your day where you itch to ask someone their opinion or feedback on something you're struggling with or working on? Maybe a second opinion on your positioning, or that Instagram caption or blogpost?

Do you wish to have more productive days where you feel you've actually accomplished what you've set about to do rather than sit in overwhelm, doubting yourself or worse 😧  - where did the time go???

Do you sometimes secretly wish you were part of a team, or have someone tell you EXACTLY why you're not getting dream clients even if you wrote sales page and tons of content, and the products are uploaded on your website?

Do you want to work with an expert coach and mentor (that's me) but you wish their rates were more in line with your budget and maybe, just maybe, something not involving video calls or committing to 90 days?

My dearest, I have GREAT NEWS and you're going to love it! (I know I do, so much!)

What if work actually feels like having tea with Bea?

A cowork day with me where...


- you get to pick my brain and have my expert guidance or feedback on topics such as slow productivity, brand storytelling, hiring a VA, getting clients, blogging, personal branding, content marketing, Instagram Stories, PR & media etc...

- you have time to journal, process, course correct, action what we discussed  (and even have a nap or eat lunch) as we work collaboratively

- you have access to me for 8 hours (12pm to 8pm GMT) via Voxer, a walkie-talkie style app that allows us to exchange voice and text messages. [There's no need to block off that day or be present the whole duration, we'll exchange at leisure on and off while doing our work and other things in life. I don't expect you to be glued to your phone all the time, and neither will I].

- there's no Zoom fatigue involved, no video calls, no getting dressed or washing your hair or muting yourself because of your child/husband/cat or noisy neighbour Norman. (Did I mention you can even take a nap 😴 ?)

You're right in thinking 2021 will be better than last year - let's get you taking intentional action with unwavering confidence in who you are created to be. Let's cowork and put both our brains and hearts together (in spirit) and unlock your intentional future in the present - time for you to bloom & flourish.

More ways to work with me

Whether you’re looking for the confidence to live life with more confidence in who you are so you can share your story to help others, Or you’re craving to take action and elevate your life with simplicity as well as style, Or you wish you had more pleasure and fulfillment in how you approach life and business,

it will be my absolute pleasure to guide.

Self-paced courses & retreats to create authentic content to attract the right clients or opportunities so you can life a beautiful life. One that grants you freedom and where you learn the slow living way in life and business.

One day - you & me coworking via voice notes and text messages via Voxer. Bye bye Zoom fatigue, hello slow productivity, clarity, focus, discipline and an expert who has your back! Pick my brain on anything and let's get you blooming.

Over 3 months, we work together to uplevel in your life or business. I will teach you how to embrace who you are confidently with practical steps, action plan and the mindset  to cultivate for a beautiful life of freedom and harmony.

Ready to flourish in 2021?

« Vint un temps où le risque de rester à l'étroit dans un bourgeon était plus douloureux que le risque d'éclore. »

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

- Anaïs Nin

If we haven't met yet, hi. I'm Beatrice Mangar, writer, life coach & business mentor for purpose-led women.

I help creative nomads and independent small business owners achieve a life of beauty and freedom, without overwhelm (I call this slow productivity).

My mission is to help you discover the delight in taking everyday details & moments and elevating them into rhythms that allow you to live aligned to your calling. Thus creating an intentional story with your one life on Earth.

Keen to get started on a beautiful journey?

We're a PERFECT fit to work together if…

  • You know you're not like everyone else, and are ready toembrace being uniquely you
  • You’re keen about personal development and willing to introspect, journal, and embrace the discomfort
  • You’re at the stage where you’re ready to go the next level in life and business and willing to do the work (gently)

We're NOT the right fit to work together if…

  • ️You like the status quo, enjoy fitting in, and certainly don't want to use the internet
  • Money is what your first priority is, and you're already making $8,000 monthly
  • ️You aren't coachable and don't care about character or personal growth
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