get clarity and Spirit-led, strategic steps to a life of freedom

What if you didn't have to continue tolerating what is draining your energy and keeping you stuck?

Do you ever have moments in your day where you break down in tears or with a headache because you long for something else?

Do you find yourself comparing your life with others who've found their passion and are living with a level of freedom that you crave?

Do you sometimes secretly wish you had the courage to break up with your current situation so you can boldly create what you know you're called to?

Do you want to be mentored so that you don't have to figure this out by yourself or waste any more precious time, but instead have a guide who supports you in seeking God for the action steps you can take to uncover & follow your calling?

My dearest, it's the reason I'm in business and do what I do - you're in the right place. I'd love to help!

What if you knew how to turn your life around once and for all?

without the stress of figuring it out alone...


- one day dedicated to your journey. This is not a results or outcome-focused plan but better: TRANSFORMATIONAL from the inside out. We dig deep to uncover the dreams and passion God placed on your heart. You get clear on your gifts and where or how you can make a difference in the world.

- you come as you are and through powerful questions, I coach you to get you from foggy vision to fine clarity on how to be confident as God's vessel, to fall in love with the process of trusting Him as you embark on the first steps of following your calling.

- Over Voxer (a walkie-talkie style app), you'll have plenty of time to pray & process, reflect & redefine, adjust & action what we discuss. (sneak in a nap or a walk, it's all fine!)

- you have access to me over 5 hours via Voxer, allowing us to exchange messages - texts, voice notes, and photos. [There's no need to panic that you'll have to focus for 8 hours - I don't expect you to be glued to your phone, and neither will I! This is a life-friendly innovative form of coaching so you can get other things done as you normally would, have meals, go to the bathroom, run errands, school drop-offs, etc].

- perfect for introverts, chronically ill, or busy people - no need  to get dressed or wash your hair because you won't be on camera. No Zoom fatigue or muting yourself because of your child/husband/cat or noisy neighbour Norman. (Did I mention you can even take a nap?)

You're right in wanting a life of freedom - let's get you taking intentional action with unwavering confidence and clarity in who God created to be. Let's come together in a coaching day where we seek Spirit-led answers and get you on the journey! Ready for your escape plan? I'm waiting for you.

  1. After you've purchased your ticket to freedom for The Escape Plan, you will receive a receipt with your purchase order - inside there is a link to download you will get access to my calendar to see my availability. 

2.  Pick a day that suits your schedule and be available that day to share your story or situation with me, and get coached. No need to prep beforehand - it is a very life-friendly and camera-free space!

3. Walk away with clarity and confidence to embark on Spirit-led, strategic steps to 'escape', and then walk into freedom.

More ways to work with me

Whether you’re looking for the clarity to unlock what you're meant to do, or seeking the confidence to shine bright as the light you are commanded to be in the world, or you simply wish to have more fulfillment and feel passionate about what you do day after day,

do check out my other offerings or my free resources on the journal that starts your transformational journey...'s my absolute pleasure to guide you by God's grace.


Embark on a self-paced journey with a beautiful workbook & accompanying audio notes. Clarify your vision for the year with this retreat. You decide when to begin. No travel required - enjoy in the comfort of home or anywhere you like. This is an affordable yet powerful offer for creators ready to shine their light.


High level, personalised attention in an intimate group setting online that gets you moving with clear confidence, being a bold vessel to fulfill your God-given mission and taking focused action towards your goals in an intentional way. Less doubting, more deliberate action-taking. This is for faith-based people ready to ARISE.

The Escape Plan

One day dedicated to your escape plan. Stuck in a job you no longer like? Want to be a nomad too? Tired tolerating the pressure? Whatever you're done with and ready to leave behind to walk into the most magnificent chapter of your life story, Beatrice gets you to take ownership of your life in simple, strategic steps.

Ready to flourish in freedom?

« Heureuse celle qui a cru, parce que les choses qui lui ont été dites de la part du Seigneur auront leur accomplissement. » Luc 1:45

“Blessed is she who believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her.”

- Luke 1:45 - Holy Bible

If we haven't met yet, hi. I'm Beatrice Mangar, writer, life coach & business mentor for purpose-led women.

I help creative nomads and independent small business owners achieve a life of beauty and freedom, without overwhelm (I call this slow productivity).

My mission is to help you discover the delight in taking everyday details & moments and elevating them into rhythms that allow you to live aligned to your calling. Thus creating an intentional story with your one life on Earth.

Keen to get started on a beautiful journey?

We're a PERFECT fit to work together if…

  • You know you're not like everyone else, and are ready to embrace being uniquely you
  • You’re keen about personal development and willing to introspect, journal, and embrace the discomfort
  • You’re at the stage where you’re ready to go the next level in life and business and willing to do the work (gently)

We're NOT the right fit to work together if…

  • ️You like the status quo, enjoy fitting in, and certainly don't want to use the internet
  • Money is what your first priority is, and you're already making $8,000 monthly
  • ️You aren't coachable and don't care about character or personal growth
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