Arise - 7 week group program

Unlock your intentional future

You know you want to show up and answer your calling, but right now you feel stuck.

…Doubting yourself and wondering if you are ‘expert’ or good enough and also who are you to tell your story?

…Researching until you have an overwhelming amount of info and inspo, instead of taking action towards your dream life,

…Confused about what to do first, and where to place your focus, because you don't have a lot of time...

My dearest, you’ve come to the right place - let me show you how.

What if you could start right now where you are?

Imagine being able to…

- Confidently articulate your mission to others
- Get on with the project you’ve been wanting to start for so long
- Elevate the quality of your life by recognizing your values

I believe you have God-given treasures buried within you that you're called to share with others. That’s why I created ARISE, a 7-week package to help you share your story and change the world.

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Whether you’re looking for the confidence to live life on your own terms so you can share your story to help others, Or you’re craving to take action and elevate your life with simplicity as well as style, Or you wish you had more pleasure and fulfillment in how you approach life and business,

This is where you’ll get it.

Social with heart

Social with heart

Self-paced courses that teach you how to use Instagram in an authentic way to attract the right clients to you and sell your products or services so you earn a sustainable income doing what you love.

Brand Yourself Authentic

ARISE group program

In this 7-week program, you will learn how to share your story meaningfully to show up confidently and fulfill your mission. You will also have group coaching calls, and a supportive community of sisters who have your back.

1 Coaching

1:1 coaching

Over three months, we uncover what your challenges are or where you want to uplevel in your life or business. I will teach you how to have an actionable plan and strategy as well as the right mindset for success.

Ready to get started working together?

« Vint un temps où le risque de rester à l'étroit dans un bourgeon était plus douloureux que le risque d'éclore. »

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

- Anaïs Nin

If we haven't met yet, hi. I'm Beatrice Mangar, a life coach for purpose-led women like you.

I help dreamers, nomads, and independent small business owners achieve a life of beauty and freedom, without overwhelm or working long hours.

My job is to help you elevate the quality of your inner life so you can confidently show up as the leading woman in your story.

Does this resonate with you?

We're a PERFECT fit to work together if…

  • You’re self-employed and want to help others with your offers

  • You’re keen about personal development and willing to introspect and journal
  • You’re at the stage where you’re ready to go the next level in life and business

We're NOT the right fit to work together if…

  • ️You like the status quo and living a same old-same old life
  • ️You already have a successful business and making $5k months consistently
  • ️You don’t feel comfortable with sharing your authentic story and don’t want to be visible online
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